Sunday, July 25, 2010

Alvey's Visit

The Alveys came to visit us July 5-9. It was their first time to Nauvoo. We LOVED having them. I hope they enjoyed it. I think they all did except maybe Adam and Sawyer :)..but SOMEDAY they will remember and be glad they came :) !

First of all, we gave Adam a haircut! Does he look pleased about this or what !!!
Then I took all the girls on one of my favorite trails in the woods.
Syd and Eliza crossing the stream.
It was a beautiful evening...not too hot at all!

We then went to the FRONTIER COUNTRY FAIR...that is held every evening before Pageant.

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At the puppet show!  That is what is on Eliza and Sydney's arms :)

Then we saw the Nauvoo Pageant!  Wonderful as usual!

Two of my favorite scenes:    The funeral of King Follett...(that is Luana Hofeling- the 2nd "spirit" in the back)

And the Finale!

Afterwards with "Joseph Smith"!

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