Monday, July 26, 2010

Dan & Clare & girls Visit!

Dan &Clare and the girls came to visit on July 14-18! It was so fun to see Mesia and Anna again...oh and Dan & Clare too, of course! :)

Anna wasn't sure whether or not she liked Nauvoo......
until she had something to eat!!.....
and saw the horses! That brought on some smiles!
They both loved the wagon ride through Old Nauvoo...
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But Anna did not want to be in the parade at Sunset by the Mississippi  that night!

Mesia, on the other hand LOVED IT...and

even wanted to DANCE and be part of the production!!

They all enjoyed the activities at Frontier Country Fair

Well, ALMOST everyone.  Anna was a little concerned with the puppet show!

But they LOVED Pageant...especially when the children were on stage.  Mesia said she wanted to be in the Pageant next year!!

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