Monday, July 26, 2010

Misc. items

We won the "Yard of the Month" sign for our garden :) This is just a sign one of the missionaries made. I kept it for a few days and then passed it on to another deserving yard

These beautiful Queen Anne flowers are all over here this time of year. There is a women in Bentonsport who uses these to put designs on her pottery. We are going to see a demonstration of her work in a couple of weeks for our Friday p-day activity

A cute tree with one of the many Mississippi barges in the background. I saw this on one of my bike rides.

Just ONE of the containers that are fastened together in these barges. There are usually 15 of these hooked together ( 3 across and 5 or more long)  and hold as much as 675 semi trucks!! 
We saw these up close and personal in the locks at Keokuk.  It was quite a sight.
The tug boat that pushes these huge barges.  I don't know HOW they do it !!!

Rick, watching two of these big barges - one going up and one going down the river.  Check out the cool geese flying by also and the moon!Posted by Picasa

One of the critters that has been eating my garden!  I caught him one morning and snapped this picture, but there is no way we can stop all the animals from eating and enjoying my vegetables!

I loved this picture of pioneer clothes drying in the morning sun.  I saw this on one of my morning walks in the park. This family is obviously camping here while they are participating in the Pageant, because these are NOT the kind of clothes you see on regular campers :)

A favorite spot and a gorgeous evening!  We love Nauvoo!!

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Sarah Evans said...

Thanks for posting all the pictures. Oh, how I wish we could have seen pageant. One of these years:-) It looks like you had fun with Dan and Clare. We too miss them tons!!!! I'm glad they were able to come.