Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Beautiful Day

As the day went on, it got more and more beautiful. I knew a storm was coming, but hoped and prayed the family would make it up in time to see this beautiful scenery.

Looking back at the cabin from the big pasture.

Rick feeding the horses some oats. They were so glad to see us!

Taking a walk around the ranch. This is by Howell's cabin.

Looking at gravel mountain from the north hills.

Can you believe the color of this tree?The big river looking east.
Henrietta LakeLooking down at the big pasture and the cabin. (all you can really see are the trees around the cabin)The Holladay Park road looking west out by the big river.

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Emily and Kevin said...

It sure was pretty up there! I wish we could have stayed longer, especially since the weather got better.

Sarah Evans said...

The pictures are beautiful. Brian saw the ones on Emily's blog and was missing the cabin pretty bad. We can't wait to see you in November and oh how I wish you were here also. We had a successful move and people helped out a lot. We are almost finished with getting everything out of this old house and into the new!