Wednesday, October 8, 2008

More October Cabin

When the family finally arrived late Friday afternoon, it had started to cloud up and even rain a little, but then there was this beautiful double was amazing! It looked like the "pot of gold" was right on the Howell's cabin! In fact the whole mountain looked like it was a "pot of gold"!

Mesia had been wanting to ride the horses (all except Cabaret -"he is too fast" Mesia would say). Anyway, even though it was late, we saddled them and let her and the others have a ride, because we didn't know what the weather would be like on Saturday.
It's a good thing we did, because Saturday it rained off and on ALL day, so we couldn't ride at all. That was ok though, because we enjoyed being together and listening to Conference which was wonderful. The Barlow Boys got up early Saturday morning and went fishing in the rain. It was fun, they said, but they didn't catch anything:)

Chad doing his back flips between rain storms. It was so cold outside, but check out how he is dressed :)

Mesa and Alexa enjoying the trampoline...even in the rain...however they are at least dressed for the weather. Mallory and Mesa had fun playing in the mud...this gives you an idea of how wet it was!Dan & Mark and their "girls"...Mesia, Anna, and Ellie. Just look at that mountain behind them...the clouds are so was still beautiful though. Mark LOVED the temperature:) But it was COLD!Rick, going out during one of the SNOW STORMS to check the hoses. Don't you love his outfit:)?Saturday evening when we could see it wasn't going to clear for any more horse riding, we let Alexa and Mesia get on Chief bareback....just because it would be the last time for this year and they had wanted to ride so much. Mesia was a little anxious at first, because the horses were so wet and cold, but when she saw Alexa she wanted to do it too. It was fun for them. Mark led them around the willows. I surely hope Chief makes it through another winter!
Giving Chief some oats and saying "Goodbye and Thank you".
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