Monday, October 20, 2008

Emma's Baptism

Emma was baptised on Saturday October 11th, which was also her birthday! It turned out to be a cold day and even started snowing in the afternoon so it was a good thing she wasn't baptised at the cabin :) Actually, Rick, Brad and I had gone to the cabin that morning to get the horses out before the big storm, and there was quite a bit of snow there. In fact, we barely made it out of the mountains in time for the baptism!

However, everything was very nice and warm inside the church where Emma was baptised by her dad, who is also the bishop of that ward. The Spirit was very strong, and I was so pleased to have ALL of our family (in the area) in attendance. What a wonderful supportive family we have!!....thanks everyone. Christina and Steve had us all over to their home afterwards with the Barlows for a fun supper and a birthday party for Emma. It was a great afternoon and evening.

Emma and her Barlow cousin who was also baptised that day earlier. Aren't they darling in their beautiful white dresses?

All the Evans and Barlow cousins singing after the confirmation. Caleb (in front) did not want to go up with the group, but I got him in the picture anyway :)

Emma holding her birthday "cake" which was really brownies in the shape of an 8. That was her request for a cake. Don't you just LOVE that smile!? -

Emma, blowing out her candles, and (below) playing with some of her cousins in her room.Nathan and Chad getting ready to go out sledding later in the evening. That shows you how cold it was and how much snow had accumulated!! What a strange fall we have had!

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Sarah Evans said...

Thanks for posting pictures. Mesia is growing up so fast and has longer hair than I do:-) We can't wait to see the family soon!