Monday, October 27, 2008


On Saturday the 18th we had our annual Halloween outing at This is the Place park. Wendy, Clare and Emily came with me along with 13 of the grandchildren. It was a beautiful day and we all had a great time.

Ellie & Eliza and Mesa & Mesia in front of the This is the Place monument. These two girls were a big help with the little ones. I really appreciated them.

On the train ride. Dallin, Emma, Sydney, Mallory, Lauren, and Rachel....and Cannon in front.

Clare, Anna, and Mesia on the train.
Rachel is not afraid of this scary skeleton. Eli is checking out the pumpkin to see if it was real.

Mesia NOT happy about the pony ride! However, later she wanted to ride and was very happy this time. She loves horses and is a cowgirl for Halloween. She borrowed some boots from Michelle and has not taken them off! Alexa pettin the donkey. You can see by her face that we also went to the face painting house. Alexa wanted to be a cat.

Sydney and Emma petting the little donkey in the petting zoo.These three have such fun together. Lauren, Alexa, and Eli

Eliza trying out the "stocks". She decided they wouldn't be very fun. :)Making crafts in the school house.
Cannon, bored with the showing us his new "trick".Anna, showing us what she does when she is bored! Look at those cute little hands.

All 13 at the top of main street. What great cousins!

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looks like its always a good time when ever you get a bus load of grandkids together. It looks like it starting to cool off up there. thinking of it getting colder do you have the Youngs email? I imagine its getting cold and wet up there eh? well talk to you latter.