Monday, April 20, 2009

Last Sunday Goodbyes

Sunday the 19th we went to Bountiful to say Goodbye to our families there. It was Adam's Eagle Court and Eliza's birthday too, so it was a very special night....but sad to say goodbye to everyone!

The Barlows singing the song for us that they had sung that day in Sacrament meeting..."I love to see the Temple"..Christina played and it was wonderful!

We then went across the stree to Tingeys and had our picture taken in their "under construction back yard"!! :) We expect to see it all finished when we return! Note Stafford's new puppy, Buddy. I'm glad we got to see him before we left. Also, note my new glasses I got for this mission. They are the first glasses I have had since I was 18 and first started wearing contacts!

Stafford and Buddy
Sunday was also Eliza's 11th we dropped in to see her and give her a birthday present before we went to Adam's Eagle Court.

Mark & Wendy and their 3 beautiful girls...they came to the Eagle Court so we got to say Goodbye to them!

We are VERY PROUD of you Adam....and expect lots more great things from you in the future!
Adam and his family...all very proud of him!
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