Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Nauvoo- The first birthday!

We checked in on birthday, and got the keys to our apartment. This is "HOME" for the next 6 months. They build these homes when they build the Temple so they are new and very nice. We are down on what they call the "flats", right by the old village and the restored homes. There is a wonderful spirit here. This is a duplex at 440 Partridge street and we live on the top floor.

Taken by our host couple, just before we went inside.

Looking down Parley's street towards the Mississippi. This is just 2 streets over from us. This is the street the saints traveled down to cross the Mississippi when they were driven out of Nauvoo.....only it didn't look like this!!! It was February and so cold the river was frozen over!!

Standing on Parleys look up at the Temple. Can you imagine how they must have felt leaving this city and the Temple they had worked so hard on! And this was the SECOND time they had to leave a Temple they had build! What faith they must have had!

A FRIEND I met on Parley's Street! He was a little TOO friendly!

The original restored duplex of Erastus Snow and my great-great grandfather, Nathanial Ashby! The site missionaries live in this home. At the musical the other night there was an entire song about Nathanial Ashby, and all his sons. He was a shoemaker from Mass. who joined the church and moved to Nauvoo with his 11 children and then had one more child in Nauvoo! He died at age 41 in Iowa while they were traveling to Winter Quarters. That last child, a little boy was only 9 months old!

A beautiful little waterfall we passed by on the walking trail we found that day.Posted by Picasa

A crane down by the river. There are lots of wild life is really fun .


A special thanks to my family for all the calls, and birthday songs, and wishes. It was wonderful to hear from all of you. We love and miss you so much!

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