Tuesday, July 21, 2009

More Nauvoo

Just a few more pictures of "Beautiful Nauvoo"...hope you are not getting tired of them. I don't think I would ever get tired of this place, but I realize pictures do NOT do it justice. I can't imagine how hard it must have been for the saints to leave this place.
This lake I pass when I walk up the hill. It was been a delightful summer so far. Unusually cool (in the 70's)...which is unheard of for July here. It does rain hard...but often just at night. It reminds me of that song from Camelot...something about "the rain that doesn't fall till after sundown". Anyway, the rain makes everything so beautiful and green.
These children were by the lake picking mulberries...they almost had a full bucket. They said their mother was going to make them a mulberry cake...yum!!
This is called getting "barged"! I was on my way over to Ft. Madison with another sister missionary to see the "Balloons over the Mississippi" an annual event of hot air balloons (which got cancelled because of the wind)...BUT on the way a barge was coming up the river and so a siren goes off and the gate comes down on the bridge while the bridge swings out on both sides and leaves an opening for the barge to pass through. It is quite interesting to watch...but it takes about 20 minutes or more, so if you are in a hurry to get somewhere it can be a problem. We often get people calling the Temple who have a reservation for a certain session telling us they are going to be late because they have gotten "barged"! This barge didn't have hardly anything on it, but sometimes they are really loaded high. We have been told that one barge can hold as much as 135 semi trucks!!

Here it is coming out the other side of the bridge being pushed by the little tug boat.

Praire grass by our apt. They let a large area of it grow just to let the visitors see what it is like. Can you emagine how our horses would LOVE this!! :)

Sorry...just had to show you a few more sunsets!! I made a slide show of several of them, but I couldn't figure out how to post it on this blog.

I love the sunsets down by the Mississippi.

Notice I have on a jacket....and this is July...amazing!!

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Another short video of one of my walking paths. Wish you could make it bigger!!

Finding more mulberry bushes....they are delicious...but not as good as the Newfoundland blueberries!

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