Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Stories from the Pageant

The Mitton family at the Eickbush's

There are two very interesting and spiritual stories in connection with Pageant this last week. First let me tell you about the Mitton family. They are neighbors of our friends, the Eickbush's and came to participate in Pageant. They have been here for 2 weeks...They have 3 children who are 12 years old and are triplets, but both the boys were born with celebral palsy and are in wheelchairs and cannot talk or do anything for themselves The mother and Abby are in Pageant, while the dad pushes the boys around and lets them watch so they can have the experience of being here. It has really touched everyones heart. Pauline Eickbush told me they take them everywhere. The deacons in their ward even push them and let them "pass" the sacrament! They are the nicest people and always cheerful and never complaining. It really made us stop and think about our many blessings, and wonder if we are really grateful enough for them. It also made us realize any problems we think we have are not that significant!!

I just happened to come upon them at the line dancing one night at the pre-pageant activities and MacKay was beaming from ear to ear while his mom pushed him around in time to the music. They can't talk at all, but they sure can smile!!

The last night of Pageant for this cast...I was there with Linda Evans ...and for the finale when all the cast is on stage there was Matthew and Mackay with their parents. I just broke down crying.!! It was so touching and so wonderful that they would let them participate.

People congratulating them after Pageant. The whole cast learned to love them!

Second story....this is the Snapp family and their 3 youngest ones. They are also in Pageant, as you can see. They have 4 boys of their own ages 7 to 13 and then they adopted these two darling little black girls ages 3 and 4 (actually just 3 months apart) Then last fall after they had been accepted to participate in pageant, the mother of the youngest girl called and asked them if they would adopt her baby...a little boy. The were able to seal him in the Nauvoo Temple just the day before this picture (a real miracle because the paper work usually doesn't come through that fast!) Rick and I were able to be their guides that day and it was wonderful!! The sealing room was packed with most of the pageant cast and there wasn't a dry eye in the room as those 7 beautiful children in white were brought into the room. We were thrilled to be part of the experience.
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