Sunday, July 12, 2009

More Pageant Pictures!

I went to the Pageant again last night for the 5th time and this time I got a seat on the 3rd row! It was great to be able to see their expressions, and I cried again, of course. It was a beautiful wind...not too hot and a awesome sunset!
For an hour and a half before pageant begins they have all these booths and activities going on in the fields behind the pageant stage. It is like a county fair and is really fun. The pageant casts are all there helping with it, and you can meet them and talk to them.

This was the bagpipe band that plays before the pageant in one of the pre-pageant booths. They teach people the highland fling. They also lead a parade up on stage at the beginning of pageant.

One of the pre-pageant activities where you can make and play pioneer games

Learning to tie quilts. This is Kirsten Hofeling. The little girl on the right is her youngest

Pioneer dancing at one of the pre-pageant activities Be sure to turn off the music at the bottom of the Blog page BEFORE you play any of the videos so you can hear the sound of the video!
Grandma and Grandpa with Blaine and Kirsten Hofeling and their little girl. Isn't she cute? She is in the pageant too.

Don't they look great!...Kirsten and Blaine...they are the Assistant directors of all the pre-Pageant activities!....a big job

The crowd gathers for Pageant.

Joseph preaching to the people. Emma is the one on the left and Brigham and his wife are on the right.

Willford Woodruff, Joseph Smith, Hyrum Smith and John Carthage...Brother Taylor is singing.
Joseph with the finale cast.

This scene represents the completion of the Temple. It was amazing how they made this Temple!

This was the final song of the Pageant. Right before this they light the real Temple on the hill behind the pageant stage and it is so beautiful. It looks like it is sitting in the sky....very effective!

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