Tuesday, July 7, 2009

"The Story Goes On" & Pageant

The Pageant Core Cast presented a musical called "The Story Goes On" Sunday night on the outdoor stage. It was wonderful...like a musical about the Plan of Salvation...AND I have never heard such great voices...everyone of them !! They really don't have solos in The Pageant so this was a real treat to hear them all sing Sunday. I hope we can see this program again this month. I think they are going to be putting it on in the surrounding communities which will be a marvelous missionary tool. The message it brings is powerful!..as well as being very entertaining!

This is the young woman that plays Emma in the pageant, except she wears a dark wig then. She has the most beautiful, clear voice...like an angel!

All the Core Cast....very talented people!Posted by Picasa

The core cast singing Sunrise Sunset....that song always makes me cry!...because swiftly DOES go the years! And my time on earth is almost over!!! Makes one think, that is for sure!

This is the finale of the Pageant. We went over last night for the dress rehearsal. I will try to post some better pictures later, but I wanted you to hear this finale number. They light up the Temple on the hill behind the stage right at this moment and it is stunning, especially when you have just heard the story of their sacrifice to build the original Temple.

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Emily and Kevin said...

Looks like a great pageant! Too bad it's not going on when we will be out there. Oh well, we are still excited to come and excited to see you!