Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Grandma Alice 98th birthday

Grandma Alice turned 98 on August 14th, but we celebrated on Sunday evening the 17th. Grandma was too weak to even get in a wheelchair this year so we all gathered in her little room around her bed and sang Happy Birthday and helped her blow out the candles. She loved it and even led the music as we sang. She hardly opens her eyes anymore, though, and I wonder how much longer she can live like this. John asked her if she had any advise for us and she said yes. She wanted us to know how much she loved each one of us and then she told us to love everybody because everybody in the world needs love! Pretty good advise for a 98 year old! After that we sang Love One Another and Familes Can Be Together Forever. It was a wonderful experience for all of us.

Leading the singing.

More singing

Giving us advise.

Kenny Allen (Brad's missionary companion) and his wife Starla and son, Legrand, were here, so also came to the party. Grandma Alice used to have a good time joking with Kenny that she was going to marry him!

John and grandaughter, Abby. (Allyson & Jim's daughter)

Our Abby with Mesia and Eliza

Eliza with Cannon....he did not feel very good that night...getting over some virus, I think. He had been in the Emergency Room on Thursday night!

Jan with son Will and daughter Kathryn and her baby McKay and husband, Daniel

Sawyer with his balloons. He told me he had to collect one of every color.Posted by Picasa

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