Friday, August 15, 2008

August Cabin

Our cabin week started out a little rainy on Thurs. but the rest of the time it was quite nice. It would cloud up and rain a little every day, but not enough to stop the fun.

Ellie & Cannon
Caleb & Cannon....they are going to be such good friends someday.
Rachel & Cannon....What a "little mother" she is. She will be such a good big sister. Michelle didn't come with the baby, of course, but the older 3 boys came up with cousins on Thursday, and then Dave brought up the younger three for Friday and Saturday to give Michelle a little break. The baby is less than a week old!
The 4 "bakers". Rachel, Eli, Caleb, and Lauren. Look at that great cake/castle they made in the sandpile.
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