Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Stay Over with Grandma

Chad, Joshua and Sawyer stayed over at the cabin for a couple of days with Brad and me. Their favorite thing to do was try to catch these little groundhogs. They finally learned how to do it, and ended up catching LOTS! I had to supervise and MAKE THEM let them go after a few minutes so that the poor things wouldn't get scared to death. Anyway, they had a good time...the boys, that is, NOT the ground hogs!!

They also worked REALLY HARD helping Brad and me dig out the ditch for water to come into the little pasture. It took us several hours, but WE DID IT! And boy, did we get dirty!

Washing off in the hose before coming into the cabin.
This is AFTER we had all washed off!!! We look like a pretty sorry bunch, don't we?
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