Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Back to the Cabin AGAIN!

We came home from the cabin late Monday night, but then Tuesday morning I realized I had left my purse up there! So Wednesday I drove back up and this time I took Mallory and Alexa (it was her birthday) and Clare and Mesia and the new baby. We just stayed for a few hours, but it was a beautiful day and well worth the drive.

Feeding Poco and Chief carrots. THEY WERE HUNGRY!

Walking down to throw rocks in the river. Mesia and Alexa

On the big bridge with Grandma. We threw a LOT of rocks

Clare and Mesia with baby sister in the sling.

When we returned from the river, the horses had gotten out of the pasture and were grazing around the cabin. Then they came right up to the back porch and wanted to come in!! I guess they wanted more carrots!

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