Friday, May 1, 2009

More pictures of old Nauvoo

Some the the orginal Nauvoo homes that were restored.

Brigham Young Home

This is the well and the root celler in back of Brigham Young's home.

Heber C. Kimball home....this is right next door to where we live!

Looking across the street from our apt. at sunset.

Hosea Stout and his 3 wifes. Actually these are just 3 Site Missionaries getting ready to give stories on Parley's street. See the oxen in the background.Another site missionry and his ox on can tell I love to walk down there. But I don't think the real pioneers had sun glasses, did they?A group of missionaries from Peoria listening to these site missionaries tell their stories. They pretend to be the different pioneers whose excerpts from their journals are found along this Trail of Hope. That is what Parley's street is called.This amazing statue is at the end of Parley's Street. It is of Joseph with his hand on Brigham's shoulder and pointing out across the Mississippi to the west where the Saints were to go. Brigham has in his hand a map of the great basin /rocky mountains. A close up of the front of the makes me cry to look into their faces. What amazing, powerful, faithful men!!!

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wendy said...

Mark and I enjoyed showing the girls your pictures and talking about them. I can tell there is a great spirit there even in the pictures. Mark says it brings back a lot of memories from when he was there with you both. The girls especially loved your cow friend. Ellie said,"Mooooooooo". We love you. Be safe.