Friday, June 26, 2009


Since several of us are missing our 50 year class reunion this year we decided to have one of our own! We all talked about our own high school and shared some funny things about our school years. It was great fun! We found out later that there are two more members of the class of 1959 among the Temple missionaries so we are going to have another party later in the summer! This was held at the apartment of the Bradys, but it looks identical to our apartment, minus the crepe paper and balloons :)

Brother and Sister Jaussi from the Manti Temple. She is telling her experience of being in a private plane crash that she was flying and survived in the wilderness for 5 days! Amazing story! A book and movie was made about it called "SOLO"!
This is President and Sister Peterson. She was a 1959 graduate from Logan .
All of the graduates! Brother Brady was student body president of his high school AND captain of the football team in Tennesee. He had helped organize his reunion for this year and THEN got called on this mission. He said everyone was upset with him for not leaving the mission to attend. (none of them are members)

It was also Brother's Foote's birthday this day, so we celebrated that also. His wife is the one in the white pants and black & white top in the above picture.
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wendy said...

Hello Rick and Tamara
Fun pictures. I loved the movie Solo. I watched it all the time growing up. I loved that it was a true story and that she survived. We love and miss you!