Wednesday, June 17, 2009

More Nauvoo wildlife!

There is so much wild life around here, everytime I go for a walk I see something interesting. However, I don't always have my camera OR I do not get it out fast enough to get a picture. Here are a few of the things I did see this week. I also saw a beautiful red fox right in the middle of the trail and he just looked at me for several seconds before running away, but I didn't have a camera that day. Last night I saw a racoon (there are lots of those), but he was too fast for me. The pelicans are here now and I will try to get a picture of them. The day they flew in it was beautiful....there were hundreds of them. I don't see that many around now, so maybe they have gone further up the river, but there are some here. Saturday, when I was walking in the woods by myself I heard something in the trees that sounded really big. It was frightening at first, but I never saw anything so I just hurried on. I've asked several people, and they say there is nothing dangerous around mountain lions or bears etc. so it was probably just a deer! I hope!!

This squirel was so cute. He was running along the top rail of the fence for a long time, but of course as soon as I got the camera out, he hopped down on the ground.
A Turkey buzzard! There are lots of these around too, and they are big and ugly. They have a red head that looks like a turkey, so therefore the name. There were 5 of these on the bank by this lake, but they all flew when they saw me and I only caught a picture of this one.
Another friendly rabbit. They are all over too. There are several that live in the bushes on the Temple grounds. One Sunday while we were hosting outside the Temple, a little one came right over within a couple of feet of us to eat the grass. He was just a baby and so cute. Didn't have a camera of course! He stayed around for about 15 minutes until some people came by. I'll bet his mother was frantic and I'll bet he got a scolding when he finally went back into the bushes :)
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