Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Just interesting stuff

The camping area in the park just 5 minutes from our apt. And the lake is just right by this area. Anyone want to come camping?
However, it probably won't be so wonderful in July and August when it is 99 degrees and humid!!
The bridge across the Mississippi into Ft. Madison, Iowa. This is called being "bardged". Whenever a big barge comes down or up the river, the bridge rises up to let it pass and the cars have to wait....sometimes as long as 30-40 minutes! This only took about 15 minutes because we were way back in the line up when it started. In fact, the barge had already passed through and we were just waiting for the bridge to get back in place.
This is directly across the river from Nauvoo in Montrose. This is where the pioneers crossed when they were driven out, except for many of them it was in Feb. & Mar. and was cold and windy and snowing or raining! But this was the view they would have had of their beautiful Temple that they were forced to leave after those many, many months of work on it!! This, and all their homes! An unbelievable and touching thought!
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