Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Birthday Party

Today was President Standifird's 66 birthday. He is the 2nd counselor in our Temple Presidency. The couple that lives below us (the Romrells) invited a few of us in for strawberry shortcake. Just thought you would like to see some of the missionaries we work with. From left to right:
Sister & Elder Day, ( he was a contractor for the Church, and they have lived all over the world), Sister and Elder Romrell (they are the ones who have served 6 missions - 3 in Russia!) Elder and Sister Standifird (he was the Church recorder, then the recorder for the Timpanogas Temple, then for the Nauvoo Temple and now the counselor to the President) The couple on the floor are the "OTHER EVANS". They are younger than the rest of their fifties and so funny. They really keep us all laughing.

By the way...this is exactly what our living room looks like . All the apartments are pretty much the same with the same funiture and pictures etc. The russian musical instrument hanging on the wall between the two windows however is theirs. We have a Family Proclamation picture like everyone else :)
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Sarah Evans said...

They look like a good group. How fun to be around so many other couple missionaries. Not like Newfoundland huh? We just got a couple missionary here too! We are so excited to have them! I think of you guys when I see them.