Friday, June 26, 2009

Performances at Nauvoo!

One of the fun things about living in Nauvoo in the summer is all the programs and performances they have. There is something going on every day and night . Here are just a few of the things we have been to in the last couple of weeks.

Sunday evening they had a "HYMN ALONG" on the outdoor stage (where they do Sunset by the Mississippi) It was presented by the Nauvoo Band and the young performing missionaries.
These are all young people in their late teens who try out for these parts and then come to Nauvoo for the summer. They are very talented and very fun to have around.
The singers on both sides of the band are the Performing Missionaries there are twenty of them, 10 girls and 10 boys. They are from all over the U.S.

A hilarious song and dance in SUNSET called "Down with Rum." The young Performing Missionaries are in the back and the older Site Missionaries are on the walkers! They really AREN'T THAT OLD, but it is a funny dance with walkers!

The beginning of the song BEFORE the walkers come out!

A cute puppet show put on by the performing missionaries.

The play "Just Plain Anna Amanda" is also done by the performing missionaries. This is an especially good play for children and is performed twice daily.

The BYU Ballroom dancers came to Nauvoo for 2 weeks and performed every night. They were wonderful! We went a couple of times...wish we could have gone more. This is their final performance. They were posing afterwards with some of the performing missionaries. The two groups really had a good time together while they were here.

Elder and Sister Howard (Temple missionaries) with a couple of the BYU dancers. The Howards are an amazing couple. He has had a complete heart transplant and she has survived a major bout with breast cancer. Yet they are the most positive, happy couple, and they are always helping others.
This was a performance put on just last night by a group of older women from Midway called the Swiss Belles. They were bell ringers, of course, and it was delightful.

Their conductor was so funny. She was dancing and bouncing all over the place as she was conducting them. She was really a show all alone!
This is one of the oldest members of the group. She was so cute....always with this big smile and she was also one of the best, and I'll bet she was 85 or more! What a fun thing to do in your old age. I'll bet it keeps one young at heart!

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