Thursday, June 18, 2009


It is so fun to have visitors here in Nauvoo! We are always excited to show off this beautiful place.

Allyson and Jim in the Smith family cemetery. They were only here for one day which REALLY is NOT enough time...but at least they were able to attend the Temple, see Carthage, & a few of the old Nauvoo sites and then at night we went to the BYU Ballroom Dancers and Sunset on the Mississippi. The Ballroom Dancers were amazing! I'm going to try to go again this week before they leave and get some pictures. I had taken my camera the night we went with Jim and Allyson, BUT the memory card was not in it!!!! SMART, HUH?!!
This is Linda Evans who used to live in our ward in Salt Lake, but now lives in Arkansas and her friend who was a Temple missionary here a couple of years ago. They stayed with us two nights, and taught us a lot of things about herbs. It was very interesting. I learned there is an herb that grows all over here....even on the grass around our apt. that you can use for insect bites.....even chigger bites which we understand are horrible!! I hope I don't get one, but if I do, I now know what to try!!
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