Monday, December 28, 2009

Sunday Dinner

Yesterday we had 3 other couples over for Sunday dinner....the Benches, Eickbushes and Phillipes. We do this quite often, or  we are invited somewhere. It is fun having so many close friends here. Here are some pictures of the occasion.

Elder Evans and Sister Eickbush filling the glasses. See how nice the table looks. Sister Romrell left me this table cloth.

Sister Phillips took this picture...

And Rick took this one.

The Benches...I wanted  you to see the throw on the couch...Salvation Army. $5.00.
Gotta love that place !Posted by Picasa


joan said...

Been keeping up with your blog, but up until now no time to write. Love the idea of your dinners. I think we have had two like this in over a year. We are all so far apart most of the time. We do get to go to Sri Lanka for couples conference again so that is exciting.

The Petersons said...

Hi, I am Wendy's aunt Marilyn Peterson. We received our call to come to Nauvoo to work in the Temple. She gave me your blog address and I am really enjoying it. Thanks for sharing.