Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Monday Buggy Ride

Monday afternoon I talked Dad into going on a wagon ride with me around old Nauvoo. It was wonderful weather and it took about an hour. An amazing thing happened. The sister missionary who was narrating the tour from the back of the wagon was a Sister Beamer from Canada!! She and her husband were missionaries in Newfoundland when we were there. He was the president of the little branch at Gander (about 8-10 people). They are now here in Nauvoo as Site missionaries and this was her first day doing the wagon tour. A "tender mercy" of the Lord to bring us together! We didn't think we would ever see them again after Newfoundland.

The beautiful horses that pulled our wagon and one of the trailmasters. Can you see the bags on their behinds to catch the poo so the streets don't get messy. :) Pretty smart! It must work, because you NEVER see any manure around Nauvoo.

The Smith family cemetary where Joseph and Hyrum are buried.

Headed down one of the streets by our apt. The wagon ride goes right in front of our apt. several times a day. It is fun to wave at the people. There are 3 different sets of horses that pull the wagons

When you pass the site, if the missionaries are not busy, they will come out and wave at you.

The oxen eating as oxen do. You can also take an oxen wagon ride. I may have to do that alone :)

I never get tired of looking at this beautiful Temple. Sister Beamer bore such a beautiful testimony to us about Joseph Smith and the restoration as the wagon was passing by the Temple. This is an amazing place.

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