Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Horse story

While walking up to the old Nauvoo Cemetery the other morning I saw this beautiful mother horse standing over what looked like her dead baby!!
It was SO SAD! I watched for about 5-10 minutes, and the baby on the ground did not move at all, and the mother just stood watch. I almost went into the farm house near by and told them the baby colt was dead and then ....
All of a sudden the colt struggled to his feet and started to eat! He was so cute...could barely walk, and I learned later on that day that he had been born only 2 days before!! I'm going to try to post a video below...hope it works. Oh by the way...see the yellow things on the fence...well I learned the hard way as I was leaning over the fence to get a closer picture that the fence was electric!! OUCH!!
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Emily and Kevin said...

How cute! Cannon liked watching the horse video with me! I'm sorry you got shocked by the fence:)