Tuesday, May 5, 2009

More scenes from Nauvoo.

Went for a long walk tonight along Water Street. This is the area owned by the Community of Christ, but the spirit of Joseph is very strong along there. The original homestead of Joseph and Emma is there, along with the Mansion House and the Red Brick Store. All very important in the history of Nauvoo.

The Red Brick Store It was in the upstairs room of this store that Joseph gave the endowment ceremony to Brigham and others.

The blacksmith shop where they were making wagons day and night before the saints left. This is on Parley's street. I never get tired of walking along there and meditating.

The tulips in the Women's garden by the Visitor's Center. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!
Elder & Sister Evans in the Garden....kinda looks like the Garden of Eden, doesn't it? Notice my outfit...got it at the Salvation Army thrift store in Fort Madison. ( All adult clothing was on sale that day for 3 for $1.00!!)

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