Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday thoughts

I took these pictures last night, but they typify the peaceful, beautiful feeling I have today on the Sabbath. We have been in Nauvoo a week now and it is hard to describe how wonderful it has been. It has been very tiring, as we have trained almost all day for several days in the Temple, but at the same time, the Spirit has been so strong here that we feel renewed and amazingly blessed every night as we returned home to our apartment. We had the privilege each day of meeting in the assembly room of the Temple, all dressed in white, and were instructed by President Peterson., a wonderful spiritual man. Friday, he began his talk by telling us how important this day (May 1st) was because it was 163 years ago that very day that this Nauvoo Temple was dedicated from that very spot- the Assembly Room! As you will recall, most of the Saints were driven out in February and March, but a few stayed, amid much persecution and danger, to finish the Temple as they had been commanded by the Lord and to dedicate it. This was done on May 1st, 1846, and then they left Nauvoo and crossed this mighty river, leaving behind their homes and their farms, and most of their belongings, AND THE TEMPLE which they had sacrificed so much to build! What a legacy they have left us. How can we ever complain about what we have been asked to sacrifice!
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Steve said...

hi grandma i love you! from emma
we miss you!
It looks beautiful. We are jealous and can't wait to come visit. Good luck on your first week in the temple.
The Barlows

Emily and Kevin said...

Those are beautiful pictures! I'm glad you have had good experiences there so far. I hope to talk to you soon! We will try to get Skype set up soon!