Sunday, August 30, 2009

Another "Nauvoo Miracle"

Friday, I had an incredible experience. I had gone up town to exchange something at a store that I had bought earlier in the day. I had almost waited until the next day, because I thought they probably would be closed, and I couldn't call them because we didn't have a phone book in our apartment :) Anyway, I got to the store just as they were locking up, but they let me in anyway, and I was probably there for about a half hour or so. Then as I was driving back home, I looked out across the river and the sun was just this huge red/orange ball! It was incredible! I didn't have my camera, but I hurried back to the apt. , ran in and got it, and sped back up the hill to the Temple to get a picture. As you can see, I didn't get the big ball, but I did get there before the sun went down. This is taken right by the stautues of Joseph and Hyrum on their horses as they were going to Carthage. Ok, now for the story. I was kind of aware of a family also there looking at the sunset, and they started to leave just as I did...

...I turned around to take a picture of the Temple with the sun shining on it (I will never tire of taking pictures of that beautiful building),
And then just to make conversation, and to be friendly, I turned and said.."so are you just visiting Nauvoo?". They replied, yes, they were from California, and were now going to head home. The father looked at me and my name tag and said, "Evans...are you related to Richard L Evans" I said, "yes, my husband is his son" to which he replied...I was on a mission with his son! At first I thought he meant Richard L. Evans son, and I said "oh , my husbands brother, Bill?" And then I realized no, he is too young for that! He said "no, your husbands son, Rick". It was then I recognized him , and at the same time his wife husband traveled with you throughout Japan!
IT WAS ELDER MARCH! CLIFF MARCH!! He was one of Rick's companions in Sapporo and did travel with us after we picked up Rick. We went several places in Japan, and Hong Kong and then on to Hawaii, where he left us to travel to his home. We, of course had not see him since then or heard anything about him and that was about 25 years ago!!

WHAT A MIRACLE!! That we would happen to be there right at that time. I know it is not by coincidence, but rather by a grand plan from a loving Heavenly Father, who loves his children and wants them to have experiences like this that bring them joy!
I'm sorry I didn't get any pictures of his family...I was just too excited to see him!! He was with his wife and her mother and their two children...a boy and a girl about 12 & 14. He followed me home to our apt. so he could see my husband...but I didn't take any pictures there either:( They were anxious to get on their way before dark...but what a wonderful experience....Definitely a Tender Mercy!
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