Saturday, August 29, 2009

Trip to Montrose and Zarahemla

On Tuesday, August 25th, we took a trip over to Montrose, Iowa This is the town just across the river from Nauvoo, and is where many of the saints were living at the same time Nauvoo was being built. It is also the place they first fled to when they were driven out. We had a very interesting and informative tour from a man (not a member) who has spent many years researching the area and mapping the Mormon trail across Iowa.

Here is one of the trains that I have been hearing every night for the past 4 months. Actually, my brain has now become used to it and I really don't hear them any more unless I really focus. Isn't that amazing what the brain can do. For several weeks when we first arrived, it was so LOUD it would wake me up several times a night!!

The above 3 picture show us trying to determine where the wagons came up on the shore. This memorial is right be the river. Mr. Foley, who was our guide can take these wires and find the trail. It really does work. They move out and in as you walk. I know it sounds weird. but it was fun to try.

Mr. Foley telling our group about the pioneers that had settled in that area.

The Temple from Montrose. This is how it would have looked to the Saints as they crossed the river. Can you imagine how they must have felt?

A little cemetery in the settlement of Zarahemla. These are the graves that he has found so far, but he feels there are many, many others

Walking to the cemetery... check out how tall the corn fields are now!!

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Bob and Joan said...

That is amazing corn. Never seen it that tall before. Must live in the wrong state.