Friday, August 21, 2009

Tingeys visit Nauvoo

The Tingey family came to visit us the last part of July. It was great to see family again! They all looked about the same except Hannah...she had really changed from a baby to a little girl!
We had good weather, and they loved the Pageant...the older boys even went to it twice.

In the Mississippi....we had never seen anyone go in it at the bottom of Parley's where the Saints crossed, but all of our family went in and had a great time....and nobody got sick, I hope (it is not a very clean river ) :)
Hannah liked it!

And Caleb did too.

Testing the waters

By the Stone bridge....a wonderful place for pictures. After a rain storm there is a lot of water coming under this bridge from the drain ditch that Joseph and the saints dug to drain Nauvoo when it was a swamp. The ditch still does that job today!

Inside the bridge

The parade at "Sunset by the Mississippi" Only Stafford and Caleb wanted to be in it

By the praire grass (grows to be 10 feet tall)...can you imagine going through this with a hand cart?!!

Naptime for the 2 little ones.

At the Smith Family Cemetary where Joseph Smith is buried

By the graves of Joseph, Hyrum, and Emma

After the wagon ride

At pioneer past times..a fun place for the kids (of all ages) to dress up and/or play pioneer games.

Bringing home the water

Grandma and the girls

The Tingey "GIRLS" !

Picnic at Pioneer Past Times

Having at the Pageant Pre-show. They have all these differ pioneer activities that you can do a couple of hours before Pageant begins. This was an especially fun place to be. I think the Tingeys went several nights Check out the beautiful sunset!

Having a sawing contest. Dave was on the other side with Caleb.
Even Hannah had a good time!

With "Joseph Smith" after Pageant. We discovered he was from Bountiful and even in Tingey's Stake! He was wonderful!!
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Tingeys dancing at Pioneer Past Times to the Nauvoo Brass Band. Everyone loved it except Hannah. She didn't like the pioneer bonnet either!!

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