Saturday, August 22, 2009

More fun in Nauvoo!

They just constructed this replica of the barges that took the wagons over the Mississippi. It is down at the end of Parley's street right where the pioneers crossed over. Kevin and Cannon had a good time playing in the wagon!

Cannon, having fun at Pioneer Past Times. He DID NOT want to leave!!

Cannon, having fun on Grandpa's car...he DID NOT want to get off this either!! This boy DOES KNOW WHAT HE WANTS!

Everyone who visits us here gets to go the the Hotel Nauvoo for an all you can eat buffet.. I should have taken a picture of the buffet. It is quite a spread!!

Cannon...after the buffet...I think he is picking his teeth :)

At the old Historic Nauvoo Cemetery where many of the early saints who died in Nauvoo are buried. It is a beautiful place and we were there just as the sun was setting. It was beautiful

When we came home from the cemetery, we saw hundreds of big geese just hanging out on the lawn close by our apartment. Emily decided to run after them and see if they would fly....they did, and honk too! Geese just cannot fly without honking!!

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Emily and Kevin said...

That was fun chasing them!

Bob and Joan said...

All the same spots and they just get better and better each time a new group arrives. Nothing against the older grandchildren but this little guy is a charmer. Loved his interest in all the flowers. Maybe he will grow up to be an artist.