Friday, August 21, 2009

Barlows and Evans visit

Steve and Christina and Rick and Donna and their families all came to visit us the first week of August. We were so excited that they changed their plans so they could see the last performance and THE NAUVOO PAGEANT! Brad and Brian also got here that evening just in time for the show. We had front row seats too, which was a real miracle.

The finale with the real Nauvoo Temple in the background.

Before the Pageant, we had a little time for the pre-pageant activities.

YES...that is Bishop Barlow and Chad both dancing in the pre-pageant activities!!

The saw pull

Making head bands

Picture with "Joseph." It was sad for us to have Pageant over. I had seen it 13 times and we listened to it almost every night from our open window.

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joan said...

Ten years from now all of these children will love going through these pictures and remembering the pageant and all the family fun. Wonderful that you could have so many visit.