Friday, August 21, 2009

Carthage on Sunday

We all went to Carthage on Sunday. The tour was conducted by two of the sister missionaries who serve in Nauvoo and Carthage. They asked me to give my testimony at the end while we were standing in the room where the prophet was martyred. I was grateful to be able to do so in front of my grandchildren and children who were there. I do have a strong testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith, and it has grown even stronger since being here in Nauvoo.
Tessa taking pictures....she is GOOD! (that is Brian and Rick in the background)
The spot where the Prophet fell to his death. Eli looks like he is in deep thought about it.

Four handsome young men.

All of us who were there except for Elder Evans who was taking the picture

Tessa taking MORE pictures

Joseph and Hyrum and Chad and Nathan :)

Future missionaries....where was Eli?

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