Sunday, August 30, 2009

Old Mansions in Keokuk

Keokuk is the town right across the river from Nauvoo that we visit about once a week to get food ect. Last week as we drove across the bridge we decided to take the road by the river, just to see where it went and we found a beautiful little park with this statue of chief Keokuk, a Sac Indian after whom the town is named. He lived about the same time as Joseph Smith, and they knew one another well. Joseph would invite him to many events in Nauvoo. He is buried underneath this monument!

Saw a doe and her two fawns in the park. They were not afraid of us at all.

A little pond and fountain in the park.

This was obviously a very wealthy area years ago, because of all the huge manions along that road. We had no idea they even existed! Some of them were very run down...but some still were beautiful. I took a few pictures that you can see below.

This one was went WAY back in back also towards the river.

Isn't this one interesting? Those are all big rocks!!

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