Sunday, August 30, 2009

Brother Romrell's birthday.

We had a little surprise dinner/birthday party for the Romrells. They are the couple who live in our apartment building on the main level. (We live upstairs) They are an amazing couple from a little town outside of Rexburg, Idaho. This is their 5th mission! They have served 3 missions to Russia and one to Hungry! Their home was one of the ones completely distroyed by the Teton dam when it broke many years ago! They have been really nice to us, and we have enjoyed so much getting to know them. They are also the couple who trained us in the Temple to be the coordinators of the baptistry. They were here last year. We also invited the 2 couples who live across the street from us...the Days (on the left...also missionaries who were "held over") and the Eickbushes. The Eickbushes are from the Mt. Timpanogas don't live far from us. We hope to continue that friendship when we get home. They are wonderful are EVERYONE here!!

Never did find out how old Brother Romrell is...but they have several great-grandchildren so I know they are older than us!!
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