Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hosting on the Temple grounds

Last Sunday afternoon we took our turn as hosts on the Temple grounds for a couple of hours. It was an absolutely beautiful day as you can see from these pictures. The atmosphere was so clear and the sky so blue that the western horizon looking towards the Mississippi looked too perfect to be real!! It looked like a painted backdrop! It was unbelievable!
"Elder Evans" in his cute hat, waiting for someone to come by. We actually had about 40 visitors during those two hours and many of them were not members. We had some very interesting discussions. It felt good to be doing missionary work again.
I took this picture from the steps of the Temple...this is the view we see every day as we come out of the really is breathtaking, and I'm going to miss it!
Rick, taking some chairs out under the trees for us to sit was much cooler there! However, it really was not a very hot day. We have had a great summer...nothing to complain about at all!!
Just look at the color of that sky!! Against the white Temple it was beautiful!
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